5 x Orange Poso Rabbit Snails – Imported

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Orange poso rabbit snails are our personal favorite! A bright orange body is offset by a brown shell. Snails can reach over three inches plus when mature.

  • As stated in the title, this purchase is for a lot of 5 Snails.
  • You can purchase multiple lots of 5 with the ± buttons below
  • Sex: Random (Females ♀ & Males ♂)
  • Size: We have multiple size options that can be specified below.
  • Temperature: Our snails are kept at 80-84 Degrees.
  • Shipping: This species ships USPS Priority Mail® for $19.99.

HOW DO I CARE FOR MY PETS? : Rabbit snails were initially imported from the tropical islands of Indonesia. Thus are temperature sensitive. Our colonies thrive between 80 to 84 degrees. Another important factor to maintaining a successful colony is hard water.  We buffer our tap with Cichlid Lake Salt.  It is added one teaspoon per 10 gallons after every large water change.   Finally we also use Carib Sea African Ivory Coast Sand substrate that also acts to buffer our water, helping maintain the stability of our PH.  Provide these critical components and you will give yourself a giant head start to creating a flourishing colony. Also keep in mind a well cycled aquarium that is plentiful with bio-film is necessary and will encourage rapid growth for the colony as well.

WHAT DO THE SHRIMP AND SNAILS OF SULAWESI EAT? : Snails are scavengers by nature and will eat almost anything. These include the naturally occurring bio-film in a healthy and cycled tank, algae, fish food, dead tank mates and any waste by products from other tank mates.  We feed a calcium rich and protein heavy diet to our Sulawesi colonies of shrimp and snails.  Our blend of high protein sticks encourage growth and our calcium fortified veggie sticks are great for molts and ward off shell erosion for our snails.  Feeding our blend has improved our potential for resilient offspring and aided in building successful colonies.

More about SULAWESI SHRIMP &  RABBIT SNAILS : These two species seem to have a symbiotic relationship in our established colonies and thrive when paired together. You’ll notice no sort of apprehensiveness at all and both co-exist perfectly. Snails love protein rich pellets and will grow up to three inches in total length when mature. They end being giant snails! Once mature they’ll produce one identical offspring at a time with consistent, heavy feedings.

3 reviews for 5 x Orange Poso Rabbit Snails – Imported

  1. Aaron Nance (verified owner)

    I’ve been waiting on these a while, and was finally able to purchase them. They arrived today, happy and healthy! Excellent buying experience, and I couldn’t be more pleased!

  2. Douglas Ward (verified owner)

    Beautiful Snails!! Came packaged in the airless breather bags, super cool. All the snails were happy and out roaming right outta the box.

  3. Angie Sills (verified owner)

    Healthy specimens. Company has great attention to detail.

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