10 x Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimp – USA Bred

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Cardinal shrimp exhibit a red body dotted in white. A shy but striking freshwater shrimp. Grazing is their typical behavior & part of their charm.

  • As stated in the title, this purchase is for a lot of 10 Shrimp.
  • You can purchase multiple lots of 10 with the ± buttons below
  • Sex: Random (Females ♀ & Males ♂)
  • Size: 1/4″ to 1/2″.
  • Temperature: Our colonies are kept at 80-84 Degrees.
  • Shipping: This species ships FedEx Priority Overnight® for $56.50.

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HOW DO I CARE FOR MY PETS? : Cardinal shrimp were initially imported from the tropical islands of Indonesia. Thus are temperature sensitive. Our colonies thrive between 80 to 84 degrees. Another important factor to maintaining a successful colony is hard water.  We buffer our tap with Cichlid Lake Salt.  It is added one teaspoon per 10 gallons after every large water change.   Finally we also use Carib Sea African Ivory Coast Sand substrate that also acts to buffer our water, helping maintain the stability of our PH.  Provide these critical components and you will give yourself a giant head start to creating a flourishing colony. Also keep in mind a well cycled aquarium that is plentiful with bio-film is necessary and will encourage rapid growth for the colony as well.

WHAT DO THE SHRIMP AND SNAILS OF SULAWESI EAT? : Cardinal shrimp are constant grazers.  They tirelessly search for particles of food!  Their almost constant and frantic movement is definitely part of their charm.  You’ll notice you can actively see their arms searching for organic matter to feast on.  These include the naturally occurring bio-film in a healthy and cycled tank, algae, fish food and any waste by products from other tank mates.  We feed a calcium rich and protein heavy diet to our Sulawesi colonies of shrimp and snails.  Our blend of high protein sticks encourage growth and our calcium fortified veggie sticks are great for molts and ward off shell erosion for our snails.  Feeding our blend has improved our potential for resilient offspring and aided in building successful colonies.

More about SULAWESI SHRIMP &  RABBIT SNAILS : These two species seem to have a symbiotic relationship in our established colonies and thrive when paired together. You’ll notice no sort of apprehensiveness at all and both co-exist perfectly. Snails love protein rich pellets and will grow up to three inches in total length when mature. They end up being giant snails! Once mature they’ll produce one identical offspring at a time with consistent, heavy feedings.

6 reviews for 10 x Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimp – USA Bred

  1. Barry Hill (verified owner)

    Marshall was great to deal with on the purchase of these beautiful shrimp. The included express shipping was great. I received my shrimp in one day completely across the country. Great packing in a cooler with a heat pad too. Shrimp were at a perfect 80 degrees when I received them. Once I acclimated them and released them they instantly stated grazing. Highly recommend invertz factory.

  2. Jason Resh (verified owner)

    Bought these shrimp twice and both times they came in great condition. Marshall even dropped the 2nd order off personally as it was close to Xmas and he wanted to make sure the shrimp arrived in without issue.

    Def would order again and great customer service.


  3. Karlton Weathersbe (verified owner)

    Arrived well packaged and healthy. Out foraging a minute after acclimating. Will order again in the future. Shipping was quick unlike another vendor that had me waiting for three weeks just to find out that the cardinal shrimp didn’t arrive in the shipment. I will continue to Support small businesses and ask that you do the same. Fish on my friends

  4. Rajesh Sukhu (verified owner)

    Specimens received were beautiful. Arrived quickly and all were still alive. Would definitely be purchasing more in the future.

  5. Sasha Rowan (verified owner)

    I got to find out that they were based nearby and Marshall went out of his way to personally deliver them to make sure the shrimp arrived safe and sound. They’ve settled in well and are happily enjoying their new home. Absolutely gorgeous shrimp, the personal touch and the lovely shrimp are a great combo.

  6. Jessica Voss (verified owner)

    Received in perfect condition and packed amazingly – shrimp arrived warm and toasty and were active immediately. After doing a headcount an extra stowed away so that was a nice surprise. Marshall was extremely nice and went above and beyond to answer my questions. I will be doing business with invertzfactory again soon!

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