5 x Yellow Spotted Rabbit Snails – USA Bred

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  • As stated in the title, this purchase is for a lot of 5 Snails.
  • You can purchase multiple lots of 5 with the ± buttons below
  • Sex: Random (Females ♀ & Males ♂)
  • Size: We have multiple size options that can be specified below.
  • Temperature: Our snails are kept at 80-84 Degrees.
  • Shipping: Priority Mail

HOW DO I CARE FOR MY PETS? : Rabbit snails are imported from the tropical islands of Indonesia. Thus are temperature sensitive. Our colonies thrive between 80 to 84 degrees. Another important factor to maintaining a successful colony is hard water.  We add (link) salt.  It is added one teaspoon per 10 gallons after every large water change.  In addition we feed calcium rich and protein heavy foods (link).  This encourages strong shell grow and the potential for many offspring. (comment on substrate)

Provide these two critical components and you will give yourself a giant head start to creating a flourishing colony. Also keep in mind a well cycled aquarium that is plentiful with bio-film will encourage rapid growth for the colony as well. Cardinal shrimp are constant grazers. You’ll notice you can actively see their arms searching for organic matter to feast on. Their almost constant and frantic movement is definitely part of their charm!

WHAT DO THE SNAILS EAT? : Snails are scavengers by nature and will eat almost anything. These include the naturally occurring bio-film in a healthy and cycled tank, algae, fish food, dead tank mates and any waste by products from other tank mates.

More about CARDINALS SHRIMP &  RABBIT SNAILS : These two species seem to have a symbiotic relationship in our established colonies and thrive when paired together. You’ll notice no sort of apprehensiveness at all and both co-exist perfectly. Snails love protein rich pellets and will grow up to three inches in total length when mature. They end being giant snails! Once mature they’ll produce one identical offspring at a time with consistent, heavy feedings.

6 reviews for 5 x Yellow Spotted Rabbit Snails – USA Bred

  1. Stanley Byers (verified owner)

    Wow what awesome service! Invertz Factory answered all my questions quickly and helped relieve any stress I had about my order. I ordered 20x Yellow Spots and Invertz Factory worked with me on when a good day to ship would be, and everything worked out great. Expert packaging and no DOA. He even included a few extra snails and some free snail food! All and all I will definitely be buying from Invertz Factory again!

  2. Aaron Nance (verified owner)

    Received 5 healthy, active and very beautiful Yellow Spotted Rabbit Snails. Well packaged, and fast delivery.

  3. Erika Bonner (verified owner)

    We talked to a caring dedicated professional on the phone about our several orders for many of the yellow Spotted Rabbit snails. The customer service was excellent. We emailed and receiving quick responses and same day as they were shipped out we promptly received the shipped tracking # s / updates. They shipped out quickly with good packing, heat packs, and were packed well in an insulated box. Upon arrival they were and still are very healthy active snails all were and still are alive. A +++++ Thank you so much . I will be looking forward to doing business again in the future with them. We have had and still own many rabbit snails for over 10 years time now. I would still like to get some orange rabbits adults and more spotted yellow large adults – when they become available. No question I will buy them here instead of anywhere else.

  4. Maria Koenig (verified owner)

    My snails came happy and healthy. Communication was great. The snails were well packaged and insulated. I’m looking forward to doing business again. Perfect Transaction AAA+++

  5. Jennifer Sanders (verified owner)

    Love it so much. In case you haven’t noticed everyone else agrees. They showed up in great condition. Shipping was in a breather bag, they all showed up healthy, active, and well. I bought 5 young ones. Absolutely fantastic. Would recommend 10/10

  6. Laney Stair (verified owner)

    These were packaged great and came quickly with no DOAs. The snails were in great shape! I will definitely be ordering again!

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