A link time capsule…

This stocklist link is scattered around the web on several forums. Looking at the Way Back Machine you can see archived posts for InvertzFactory.com as far back as 2008. If you’ve found yourself here you likely stumbled across an old forum post. Rather than have patrons land at a 404 page we thought it’d be better to talk briefly about the history of Invertz Factory and how we and the industry has changed.

Brief history of online sales

Traditionally a stock list was the preferred way for many online tropical fish retailers to display their offering to the public. However, inventory wasn’t captured and displayed live and collecting payments was cumbersome. Modern day shopping carts allow for better inventory management and seamless payment processing. Thus you won’t see many retailers managing sales with a stock list as of today.

Above you can see an old screenshot of the stock list Invertz Factory used in 2008.

Navigating today ⬎

Likewise we’ve transitioned to an online shopping cart. We’ve found it blends two rare elements. Saving us time and improving the customer experience! Use the following product categories to browse our current offering:


If you still can’t find what you are looking for visit our Contact Us page and we’d be happy to further assist you.

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